Techno Faces of the Galaxy E-w4sT3

8 bit vomit are presenting their work-in-progress exhibit of hardware creatures coming from the depth of the wasted electronic world.

...They were almost facing the death with the dark future of becoming the harm to the earth and people ...but now they are faces of super trash techno heroes which are entitled to become a guardians of your safe journey on this planet! :)

It's a series of jewellery pieces entirely made of junk found in abandoned office buildings and computer/phone repair shops around the cities..

It started years ago from building lego badges and disco floppies for music and art events called "Mind the crap" and "8 bit vomit". In 2013, on the 1st of September at some huge outdoor rave party in London [West Ham], while we were surfing through the empty building, lots of floppy discs and other office stuff were found. It was decided to start making something out of it, something useful or simply beautiful that can be sustainable: reused, remixed, wearable...- not trashed into dumps of polluting and health threatening electronic waste...

"Recycling raw materials from end-of-life electronics is the most effective solution to the growing e-waste problem. Additionally, recycling reduces the amount of gas emissions caused by the manufacturing of new products.[Wikipedia]

Now in the year 2014 you can see quite a few people are involved in the arty recycling of computer junk and so there are many online shops, workshops, tutorials and diy markets are existing where you can get/buy this "e-waste" reused and made into an all kind of styles accessories or into a useful device [e.g. home for a cat or an aquarium made from an old computer box].

This little project is a drop in the ocean but hey! count all the drops..;) People are making beautiful things out of all kinds of trashed objects and their insides!

In fact this craft is a big fun and also learning process in the DIY/circuit bending and wearable electronics field!